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Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love Another time, Basil was in class being taught his Times Tables by the Irish Catholic Brothers. It seems that like Mum, maths was not his forte, so this small boy was being caned by his teacher for not being able to answer his questions. Now these Irish Brothers were not known for showing any sort of compassion to small boys and Basil suffered many torn ears from a swift, sharp slice with a ruler as well as other injuries.

Purely by chance, just at the moment of attack, Peter happened to be passing by the open window. Seeing his brother in distress, he leapt through the window and knocked the priest down.

‘What happened?’ I asked Mum once more.

She screwed her face up a little and said, ’I don’t really remember but I think Dad was asked to withdraw the boys from the school.’

Perhaps that is why she thought they were never sent to boarding school, though we now know that they were. Basil remembered going to boarding school in Delhi at the age of four.

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Basil, brother Michael and the pet cat.

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