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Writing the Story!The Glossary by F. J. Louis

I have started this story by listing some of the places mentioned by mum when she spoke about her life in India. The information comes mainly from a brilliant old encyclopaedia I have, that was published soon after the 1951 census. Please bear in mind that this information is not up to date but will not be far removed from when mum spent her time in India so it should be relevant.

Had I done research on today’s world I think a completely different picture may have been painted. Therefore all the information in The Glossary by F. J. Louis relates to India in 1951.

India was one of the original commonwealth countries named in the British Nationality Act 1948 and became an independent commonwealth country on 1st January 1950.

The Mason family, along with many others returned (or as in the case of mum’s family who had been out there for generations, came to settle here) in 1937. The Raj had started to crumble.

I hope you enjoy this biography

Frances Jane Louis
(Frances Jane Louis. Youngest daughter of Beatrice Mary and William Turnbull Lowey).  
Biography Dated 2009-02-06

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