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Bicycle Boys

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One day,’ she said, ‘my brothers were playing on their bikes. Peter free wheeled down the hill straight into a group of people standing at the bottom, He knocked one of them over as he fell off his bike.’

‘Did he get into trouble?’ I asked.

‘Good Lord no,’ she replied. ‘It was only one of the locals.’

Mum also often related another tale, about the boys and their bicycles, the same bikes no doubt that she once said they never had!

One afternoon, the convent girls (I don’t know where) were all sitting down in the large school hall doing exams. If you shut your eyes for a moment, it is possible to capture the atmosphere; clean, neatly groomed girls all wielding pens, marshalled by nuns walking stiffly up and down between the rows of desks, casting their eyes right and left to ensure no cheating went on.

Then out of the blue, like a tornado, the Mason Boys appeared from nowhere. Leaning low across their handlebars they raced up and down the gangways, onto and across the stage and out again.

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The Story of Beatrice Mary Mason. Written by F. J. Louis | Copyright © 2009